Laureline Simon


Laureline has worked on climate change mitigation and adaptation at the international level since 2006. At the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, she supported the setting up of the Local Communities and Indigenous People’s platform, a task force on population displacements related to climate change, and coordinated Resilience Frontiers, a pioneering collective intelligence process bringing together thought leaders in the fields of digital technology and sustainability. She started her career with the INGO SEWA in India, where women taught her a lot about resilience. She draws inspiration from nature and her two children, who help her daily to take better care of the Earth.

Check out our 2023 Annual Report!

Our latest annual report is out! Find out about the impacts of all the arts, culture, and education projects we launched to help young people, artists and sustainability leaders grow climate resilience and foster societal transformation in creative and regenerative ways.

Futures Literacy and the Arts for Transformative Climate Action

On 3-5 September 2024, join a certified Futures Literacy course co-designed by the UNESCO Chair on Futures Literacy at Hanze University and One Resilient Earth. Participants will acquire Futures Literacy skills to grow their own resilience and creativity, and learn new processes and tools to engage in transformative climate action.

Become a Climate Circle Host

Join our new online training ‘Become a Climate Circle Host’ on June 11th, 2024, if you want to support the well-being of fellow climate workers, friends and community members, through collective care practices. No matter what your background is, if you care about climate change and people, you are welcome to join!

Transforming Climate Education for Children and Youth

We are co-leading a European research and education project to help educators support children and youth in growing their climate resilience, wellbeing and creativity, while taking transformative action to address climate change. If this is your topic, click here to learn more!

All Our Climate Circles

Join one of our weekly climate circles for citizens and professionals taking action to address climate change around the world. The circles help unite, share, listen, learn from each other, and grow together the courage and resilience to keep on doing the work. Check out the climate circle that works best for you!

Our 2022 Annual Report

Check out our latest annual report! We present the impacts of all the arts, culture, and education projects we launched to help (young) people grow climate resilience and foster societal transformation through regeneration.

Becoming Climate Artivists

A creative learning journey for Europe-based youth to develop the knowledge and the skills you need to engage in transformative climate work and foster resilience. Learn how you can access the educational material and learning community created from January to April 2024.

Restorying Landscapes in a Changing Climate

‘Restorying Landscapes in a Changing Climate’ explores how artists and culture bearers can support communities in building long-term climate resilience and regenerating their ecosystems, both in the UK and the Philippines. This project is a collaboation between the Living Story Landscapes Project, the Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, and One Resilient Earth, with the support of the British Council.

Cooking as Love and Life

Cooking for me became a way to connect to happiness and to life – my first conscious exercise. You have to eat to be alive, and if you cook, you can give yourself the things you and other people love. Being very connected to the core of life is what cooking and eating means for me.

Festival Sustainability Lab

A collaborative EU-funded project to accelerate the evolution of the cultural and creative sectors, making them more resilient and future-fit. If you work with festivals in Europe, come and learn how to build regeneration and resilience to the climate crisis through arts, culture and community-making.

Flourish! A Youth Learning Journey of Climate Resilience and Regeneration

A youth learning journey to foster climate resilience and regeneration through inspiring stories, powerful artworks, impactful tools and an online community. Interactive workshops targeted Europe-based youth but remained open to all students, activists and young professionals around the world. A short-video series with key messages of the learning journey is online!

Launching ‘Re-story-ing Landscapes in a Changing Climate’

Join the virtual launch of ‘Restorying Landscapes in a Changing Climate’, on Friday 29 July at 1pm CET, and discover our new creative project in collaboration with the Living Story Landscapes Project (Philippines), and the Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking (United Kingdom).

Listening to Nemonte Nenquimo in Bonn

Come and listen to Nemonte Nenquimo, Indigenous Waorani leader, winner of the United Nations’ Champions of the Earth Award, on Tuesday 7 June, from 5 to 6 pm CET, at the Alanus University in Bonn/Alfter. The public talk will be in Spanish with German translation.

Taking part in Ecotopia in Berlin

Visit Ecotopia, an immersive and interactive exhibition about our eco-future, led by a Berlin-based artists collective, in Berlin from 15 May to 3 July 2022. The One Resilient Earth team will host ‘Earth Lovers Circles’ during the New European Bauhaus Festival on 11-12 June.

Feeling climate emotions at the Wellbeing Summit

Take part in the Wellbeing Summit in Bilbao-Biscay on 31 May – 3 June, and join our session to feel and reflect on climate emotions, as well as on the role of the arts and deep listening to restore emotional and mental health.